Setting up Salesforce Git repositories

Before performing these steps, make sure you have the following information:

1. Set up your Git repository

In order to be able to scan your repository, you need to point Quality Clouds to it.

→ To create an instance in Quality Clouds

  1. Login to the Quality Clouds portal at
  2. Go to Instances section.
  3. Select the Salesforce tab (if you use several SaaS with Quality Clouds).
  4. Click + New instance.
  5. Select Git repository, and fill in the following information:
    • Description - Short and meaningful description of the instance. For example: MyCompany UAT
    • Environment - Environment type of the instance. This is used to add descriptive context to your instance.
    • Git FlavorGit Repository type, to select among: GitHub/GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps/Visual Studio.

    • RL of the Git Repository. For example:

    • Feature Branch Enable if you want to scan a feature branch. When selected, the scan will report only differences between the specified feature branch and the master branch. As feature branches names can vary, branch name will be requested before scanning (Branch edit will disappear when Feature Branch option is enabled).

    • BranchName of the branch to scan. If 'Feature Branch' option is enabled, this attribute is not available (will be requested before the scan).

    • User IDUsername to access the Git Repository.

    • Password Password credential for the Git User.

    • Go-live DateDate on which the instance was first started, serves as a baseline for Org changes.

  6. Click Save.

You can now continue with the following steps:

  1. Test connectivity.
  2. Schedule scans or Run scans manually.

Optionally, you can also set up the Quality Clouds for Salesforce AppExchange.