Setting up Salesforce orgs

Before performing these steps, make sure you have the following information:

If your user has restricted login IP ranges, make sure to white-list the following Quality Clouds portal IPs (Security - IP Whitelisting) as described here:

1. Set up your instances

In order to be able to scan your instances, you need to point Quality Clouds to them.

→ To create an instance in Quality Clouds

  1. Login to the Quality Clouds portal at
  2. Go to Instances section.
  3. Select the Salesforce tab (if you use several SaaS with Quality Clouds).
  4. Click + New instance.
  5. Select Salesforce Org, and fill in the following information:
    • Description -Short and meaningful description of the instance. For example: MyCompany UAT

    • Org URLURL of the Salesforce instance. This is descriptive only, and normally it will be pre-filled during the onboarding process. The Org which will be scanned is determined by the access credentials (Key and Secret). The Org Id will be extracted on the first scan and displayed in the dashboards.

    • Connected App Consumer KeyThis is the Consumer Key for the Connected App which will be used to obtain an OAuth token for authentication against the Org.

    • Connected App Consumer Secret -This is the Consumer Secret for the Connected App which will be used to obtain an OAuth token for authentication against the Org.  

    • Login URLSalesforce login URL. The production or sandbox URLs can be selected. If you use a custom domain, select the "Custom Domain" option, and fill in the URL for your custom login domain.

    • EnvironmentEnvironment type of the instance. This is used to add descriptive context to your instance.

    • Go-live DateDate on which the instance was first started, serves as a baseline for Org changes.

  6. Click Save.

2. Obtain the OAuth token

Once you've added the instances, they appear on your list of available Salesforce instances. Before you can scan them, however, Quality Clouds needs to obtain an OAuth tokens via the Connected App.

Perform the following steps for each instance added. 

→ To obtain the OAuth token

  1. In the Quality Clouds portal, go to Instances.
  2. On the Salesforce tab, locate the instance you are trying to authenticate to. 
  3. Click the Get OAuth token icon. 

You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page, where you can enter the credentials of the user which will be used to access the Org. These user id and password are not available for Quality Clouds, and they are never persisted in the Quality Clouds environment.

Once authenticated in Salesforce, your instance is now connected. 

You can now continue with the following steps:

  1. Test connectivity.
  2. Schedule scans or Run scans manually.

Optionally, you can also set up the Quality Clouds for Salesforce AppExchange.

Last modified on Nov 17, 2020