Testing connectivity

What is a connectivity test?

The connectivity test is currently only available for Quality Clouds for ServiceNow and Quality Clouds for SalesForce.

A connectivity test is an embedded testing performance for your instance, to determine your instance is connected correctly and can, therefore, be scanned. Running an exhaustive automated test for your project is the primary factor that ensures its longevity, in which the connectivity test is also counted. 

The connectivity status of every instance is displayed in the instance list in the Instances section. 

Testing connectivity

→ To test instance connectivity

  1. In the Quality Clouds portal, go to the Instances section. 
  2. Find the instance you want to test in the instances list, and click the  Test connectivity button. 

The connectivity is now being checked, and the results are displayed within a few seconds. 

Interpreting the results

There are three different results to every instance scan:

  • Success: The connectivity has been confirmed.
  • Warning: Optional Table not accessible. The 'warning' result is generally because the configuration is erroneous.
  • Fail: This result means the instance scan can not succeed. There are a number of reasons for this:
    • Invalid protocol (instances have to use https protocol, other protocols are invalid)
    • Inaccessible URL
    • Invalid Credentials
    • Required Table not accessible (See test details for more information of the error)

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Last modified on Oct 18, 2019