Update Set for Live Check

DescriptionFileStore Application version requiredComments
The full update set - version 9.2.4


To download the file, right-click the link and choose Save link as....

Version 9.4.1

Use after installing the version 9.4.1 of the Quality Clouds ServiceNow store app.

Access for Delegated DevelopersNo update is provided to avoid interference with customer functionality.

If using delegated development, the below tables need to be granted read only access for any user who will be using the LiveCheck functionality.

Care must be taken when adding ACLs to system tables to not interfere with existing functionality. That is, if any of the below tables do not have any defined ACLs no changes are required to allow access. 

  • sys_user
  • sys_update_set
  • sys_update_xml
  • sys_metadata
  • sys_user_has_role

Access to the below Quality Clouds tables can be granted by assigning the role "x_qucl_qc_snow.qc_snow_admin"  to all delegated developers.

  • x_qucl_qc_snow_quality_clouds_live_check
  • x_qucl_qc_snow_quality_clouds_peer_review
  • x_qucl_qc_snow_quality_cloud_check
  • x_qucl_qc_snow_api_key
  • x_qucl_qc_snow_servicenow_instance

Last modified on Nov 21, 2022