Update Set for Live Check

Full Update Set

First time installers of the application should use this Update Set.

DescriptionFileStore Application version requiredComments
The full update set - version 6QualityCloudsLiveCheck_full_version_v6.1.xmlVersion 6.0.0

Use when installing the live check for the first time directly with version 3.0.1 of the SNow Store Application

Upgrade Update Set

If you already installed version 5 of the full update set, and want to upgrade to version 6, you can use the below incremental update set.

Important: Version 6.0.0 of the application is NOT compatible with version 5 of the Live Check Update Set. If you have upgraded to version 6 of the application you must install the upgrade Update Set below for the Live Check to work normally. 

DescriptionFileStore Application version requiredComments
Incremental update set - version 5 to version 6

Version 6.0.0

Use when upgrading from an existing installation of v5 of the full update set. Adds support for Live Check on Scripted REST APIs and Resouces, and for scanning of parent Update Sets.