Update Set for Live Check

Update Set Delta History

Use these files if you've been updating from the first version of the update set

Quality Clouds Live Check incremental Update v3 to 5

Adds support for new configuration options (Live check Mandatory / Synchronous). Adds support for Live checks on update sets from the application.

Includes hotfix for version 4.

Use to upgrade from version 2 to version 5 of the application.

Full Update Set

First time installers of the application should use this Update Set

DescriptionFileStore Application version requiredStatus
The full update set - version 3Version 2.2.0Deprecated - do not use
The full update set - version 5QualityCloudsLiveCheck_full_version_v5.xmlVersion 3.0.1Use when installing the live check for the first time directly with version 3.0.1 of the SNow Store Application

Hotfix Update Set for version 4 of the Live Check functionality

There is an issue on version 4 of the Live Check functionality which may be causing the check to run twice under some conditions. The below update set needs to be installed in order to fix this. The full update set for version 5 already includes the fix.

DescriptionFileStore Application version requiredStatus
Live Check v4 hotfixQC - QualityCloud Live Check - v4_hotfix.xmlVersion 3.0.1Use if you installed version 4 of the Live Check Update Set