User adoption

This view helps you understand the usage and the adoption of your platform.

Here you can choose a range of dates or a pre-defined range (last week, last month, last quarter and last six months). 

Ways to use this view

  • If you're a platform admin, you can use this view to see which profiles use the instance the most and monitor the number of users that have never logged in or are inactive.

What data is shown

The User adoption view shows the following information:



The widget shows you the following elements:

  • The total number of users defined on the instance
  • The number of inactive users 
  • The number of users that have never logged in
  • The trend over time

Graph - Active users per role

The graph shows you the distribution of active users per instance role (e.g. admin, approval_user, etc.)

You can hover over each section to see the actual number of active users with this role.

Trend - Active user per role over time

The trend shows the visual representation of the platform users per role over time. 

Total logins


The widget shows you the total number of logins to the platform.

Trend - Total logins and unique logins over time

The graph shows you the trend of total logins per day and unique logins per day.

Graph - Logins by department

The graph shows you the total number of logins per day by department. 

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Last modified on Oct 7, 2020