Using Quality Clouds

Quality Clouds is a set of solutions of non-invasive cloud-based software that provides code analysis and development governance for your low-code cloud platforms, including the following components:

  • Quality Clouds engine

The component that runs the scans and performs platform analysis. 

  • Quality Clouds portal

The online user interface that aggregates and displays the information gathered by the scans. 

  • The admin portal

The online user interface that allows the admin users connect their platforms for scanning, schedule and run scans, view scan history and results, set operational alerts, and work with the scan rulesets.

  • The integrations and applications

A selection of our apps and integrations which automatically bring your Quality Clouds data and functionality into your development and integration environments.

You can interact with Quality Clouds using the following interfaces:

Admin users can switch between views. Check the Navigating between the portals article. 

The admin portal 

Log in as an admin user at, and use it to perform the following tasks:

  • Connect and manage your instances and orgs
  • Run scans and update set scans
  • Schedule scans
  • View scan history
  • Create and manage operational alerts
  • Work with rulesets

See Navigating the admin portal for more information.

Quality Clouds portal 

Log in at, and use it to perform the following tasks:

  • Consult your instance and org data via Quality Clouds dashboards and views

  • Visualize your cross-instance information

See Navigating the portal for more information.

You can access our help section from both portals by clicking the  help icon. 

The integrations and applications

Check out the individual section for instructions on how to set up and use each app and integration. See the full list at Applications and integrations.

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Last modified on May 8, 2023