Widget - Issues


In the Issues section, you can see the information on issues detected on the platform, its breakdown, evolution and details.


The widget shows the following details:

  • total number of issues of all severities detected in the last scan (each issue is a single non-compliance with best practice)
  • the % variation which is the main metric difference in percentage between the current and the previous scan
  • the issue information from the previous scan
  • the number of issues that have been written off
  • the issue number according to the baseline ruleset. See more about baseline
  • the benchmark
  • the number of issues reported for custom rules
  • the number of issues reported for ServiceNow rules
  • the number of issues reported for JavaScript rules
  • the number of issues reported for data privacy rules
  • the trend over time

In this section you can filter the information displayed in the graphs, trend and on the grid by the following elements:

  • Severity
  • Impact Area
  • Issue Type
  • Application
  • Developer

Note, once you have applied your filter, it stays applied when you change to another data view.

Last modified on Oct 2, 2020