Working with Copado user stories

Make sure all the code committed with each user story complies with the coding standards and best practices by running Quality Clouds checks from within. 

Running scans

Run a code scan on the branch configured with the user story that will help you identify issues before you integrate and close your story. 

→ To run a scan

  1. From your Copado Console, go to User Stories, and select the story you want to check.
  2. Click the Run Quality Clouds scan button. 

A check is now performed on the repository branch related to the story. 

Displaying issues

Each scan comes up with issues encountered in the code. You can see it on the Related section in your user story. 

→ To check all issues

  1. Go to your user stories for which you have run a scan.
  2. Go to Related tab. 
  3. Scroll down to QCIssues section. The section contains issues from the last scan run. 
  4. Make sure you click View all to see all the issues detected. 

Writing issues off

Write off any issues of minor severity or issues you want to ignore for the time being. 

→ To write selected issues off

  1. From your QCIssues section on the user story Related tab, click View all. This opens a full table of all the issues detected by last scan on this user story. 
  2. Select the issues you want to ignore in the Write off column.

If your scan comes back with many issues, you may want to write them off in batch.

To do that, go to Scans section on the user story Related tab, and select the last scan. This opens up the full list of issues in the Quality Clouds app which has the filters and batch actions. See more in Working with scan results.

Creating validation rules

For any validations rules you need for your user stories, you can use the QC Issue count custom field. Make sure you have added it in the setup - see step no 7 in the Setting up.

To see the latest number, make sure to run a scan before checking the issue count. 

For example, you may want to specify that a user story cannot be closed if the QC Issue count is higher than 0

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Last modified on Oct 8, 2020