Working with instances

What are instances?

Instances are all Salesforce environments you have defined in the Quality Clouds portal. These can be Salesforce Orgs and source code repositories. Source code repositories are, in turn, full branch and feature branch repositories 

Importing instances

After you've configured your Quality Clouds for Salesforce app, you need to import the orgs information. 

The orgs are defined in the Quality Clouds portal, and are defined by the following elements: 

  • URL - The URL of the instance or code repository
  • Description - A free text description of the instance
  • Feature Branch - A flag which indicates whether the code repository scans should run against a feature branch

See more about setting up orgs in Setting up Salesforce orgs.

→ To import orgs

  1. In Quality Clouds app, go to Instances section.
  2. Click Import/Update

All your orgs are now visible in the Instances section. 

Whenever you're working with instance, ensure you are viewing the latest details by clicking Import/Update button.

Viewing instance details

For each instance, click on the View Detail to see the Instance Details screen.

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Last modified on Jan 16, 2020