Writing issues off

The write-off functionality allows you to skip certain issues on succeeding scans so that it does not show up in the scan in question, or in any later scan, and enables the issues to be identified and flagged individually.

Once an issue is marked as written-off, it will not appear in the dashboards, by default, although they can be shown by enabling a switch in the dashboard. This functionality helps to focus merely on the issues of importance to you, however, this selection can always be reviewed at a later stage. The write-off feature operates under Quality Clouds for ServiceNow software products. 


Here are some key pointers about the dashboards.

  • Dashboards which display detailed issues tables include a new value: Number of Write-Offs (#WO) to indicate how many issues are hidden.
  • Dashboards include a selector/check to show/hide the Write Off issues.
  • Write Off issues will be hidden by default in all dashboards.
  • KPIs will not be affected by WO issues.

UI includes a detailed list of the issues in the last scan. This table includes a 'Skip' checkbox that will flag the individual issue as written-off. The issues write-off form will have the following navigation filters that will apply in real-time to the displayed issues:

    • Impact area
    • Application
    • Issue type
    • Severity

Writing issues off

→ To write off an issue

  1. In the Quality Clouds portal, go to the History section.
  2. Select the scan you want to review issues for, and click the  Show issues and warnings icon. The list of issues is displayed. 
  3. Choose the row which displays the issue you want to remove, and click the  Write off button.
  4. A popup menu will ask for a reason and description of the write off action.

The issue has now been written off. 

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Last modified on Jul 1, 2021