Configuration for non-admin user

If you have decided to not use a read-only admin user to configure your ServiceNow instance, you will need to ensure that Quality Clouds has access to all the code and configuration tables required by setting up individual Access Control Lists on them. You can do so manually, working from the list of tables provided here, which is quite time consuming, or you can apply an Update Set provided by Quality Clouds. This Update Set will make the following changes in your instance:

  1. Allow Web Service access to the sys_package table (so you don't have to do it manually - but, this will still need to be re-done after each ServiceNow version upgrade.)
  2. Create the qc_access_role
  3. Create read-only ACLs for all the tables required by Quality Clouds, and assign them to the qc_access_role
  4. Manually create the user which Quality Clouds will use to connect to your instance and assign the qc_access_role to that user. The snc_read_only role can also be assigned, to make double sure that the access is read-only.
  5. Be aware that incremental Update Sets will be published as Quality Clouds expands the functionality and required access to additional tables

The table below holds the links to all the full-version Update Sets, and to the incremental Update Sets required to upgrade from one version to another. Keep watching this page and the Release Notes pages for updates.

Important: Please consider that if you have ACLs in place which could conflict with the ones included in these Update Sets, you will need to resolve these conflicts manually.

Quality Clouds Release VersionRelease DateFull Configuration Update SetIncremental Update Set (from previous release) 15th, 2018Not Required (same US as for version 4th, 2018 22nd, 2018sys_remote_update_set_QualityClouds_18_2_4_0_to_18_4_3_0.xml 24th, 2019sys_remote_update_set_QualityClouds_19_3_1_0.xmlN/A (only change is disabling ACLs on sys_transform_map.* and sys_transform_script.*)

Update Sets for Operational Scans

The below update sets are required to enable access to the data fields which are used to monitor the operational behaviour of a productive ServiceNow instance. They are only required if the Quality Clouds Operational Scans product (aka admin bot) has been purchased.

This update set grants read only access to the following tables:

  • cmn_department
  • sys_import_set_run
  • sys_user - only to the fields user_name, active, last_login
  • sys_user_role
  • sys_user_has_role
Quality Clouds Release VersionRelease DateFull Configuration Update SetIncremental Update Set (from previous release) 4th, 2019N/A