Full-code scan

A full-code scan is a unique time Quality Clouds runs the quality checks of a SaaS platform instance. The full-code scan creates a complete drill-down view of the quality data, and it refreshes all the dashboards. 

→ To manually launch full-code scans

  1. Log in as an administrator user.

  2. Click  the Launch scan button. The scan starts running. 

Scans take between 10 and 50 minutes to run, depending on your instance complexity. Once finished, you should be able to see the results on the dashboards, and the scan information on the History tab. Only certain roles can launch full scans.

Profiling scan (only available for ServiceNow)

A profiling scan is a scheduled scan, run on a frequent, regular basis (usually weekly, depending on your pricing scheme) to check for the health of your instance and generate the high-level KPIs only in the Instance Profiling dashboard.

→ To profile your instances

Set up a schedule for a profiling scan.

Update set scan (only available for ServiceNow)

An update set scan gives you a visual list of the type of issues found and a link to the ServiceNow pages with the best practices. For more information about how to analyze your ServiceNow update set, click here.

QC scanner for Jenkins plugin

QC scans can be executed directly from the Jenkins plugin. This plugin gives you the ability to perform automatic code scans, with the results of the scans being available to view in Jenkins interface format. Click here to read more information about the Jenkins plugin.

What does a scan look for?

The scans search for adherence or its lack thereof to the following rules:

  • Common rules, that is:

    • Technical best practices by SaaS platform vendor (ServiceNow and Salesforce)

    • Software development industry standards

    • Quality Clouds recommended best practices

  • Custom rules - client-defined technical best practices

What is being scanned?

Depending on the SaaS platform, Quality Clouds scans different elements. Both code and configuration is being scanned. Quality Clouds does not analyse or scan any data. 

The following element types are being checked:

  • Access control
  • Angular providers
  • Business rules
  • Catalog client scripts
  • Client scripts
  • Portal widgets
  • Data source
  • Inactivity monitors
  • Module
  • Notification email scripts
  • Plugins
  • Portal Widget - Client and Server Scripts
  • Script include
  • System property
  • Table transform map
  • Transform script
  • UI action
  • UI policy
  • User preference
  • Apex
  • Page
  • Custom object
  • Tab
  • Workflow
  • Approval process
  • Site
  • Role
  • Quick action
  • Queue
  • Profile
  • Layout
  • Label
  • Group
  • Document
  • Dashboard
  • Component
  • Community
  • Application
  • Translation
  • Flow
  • Email
  • Report
  • Trigger

Where does a scan run?

Each scan runs on Quality Clouds secure and reliable environment from top cloud service providers. The code is parsed in-memory, and is never stored anywhere. 

What is the result of a scan?

The results of the scan is a set of metrics and indicators per instance. The result (not the code or data) is stored and displayed in dashboards.