Set Up your Office 365 Instance

This page describes the steps required to configure your Office 365 instance so that it can be scanned by Quality Clouds. Through this process you ensure that you are always in control of the data which Quality Clouds can access in your instance.

Create a new App Registration

Quality Clouds connects to Office 365 instances through an app registration, which needs to be defined in your Active Directory. To create a new App Registration, follow these steps:

  • Log into the Azure administration console at
  • Access "Azure Active Directory", then "App registrations" and click on the "New registration button" (see image below)

Office 365 - Instance definition

  • On the "Register an Application" form, give your new App Registration a meaningful name
  • Select"Accounts in this organizational directory only" for the Supported Account Types checkbox

Office 365 - azure application registration

Assign the required permissions

Once created, the Application requires the following permissions. These are all read-only permissions, so you can be certain that Quality Clouds will not be able to modify the data in your Office 365 instance.

Read Only Permissions

  • Azure Active Directory Graph
    • User.Read
  • Microsoft Graph
    • AuditLog.Read.All
    • Directory.Read.All
    • Files.Read.All
    • Groups.Read-All
    • Reports.Read.All
    • Sites.Read.All
    • User.Read.All

These permissions can be granted through the "Add a permission" button on the application registration screen.

Generate the client secret, and note the connection details

After the App registration has been completed, you will need to note the following attributes to complete the configuration in Quality Clouds:

  • Application (client) ID
  • Directory (tenant) ID 

Then, in order to obtain an authentication token, you will need to create an API secret. To do this, click on the "Certificates & secrets" as shown on the image below, and then on "New Client Secret".

NOTE: Remember to write it down at the moment you create it, as it cannot be recovered afterwards (but a new one can always be created if necessary).

These are the three parameters you will need to complete the configuration of your Office 365 instance in Quality Clouds.

Office 365 - Application registration

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