Set up your QC Environment for Office 365


1. Set up your instance(s)

Once you have received valid credentials for the Quality Clouds Website, in order to launch your first scan you must first create a valid instance. To do so, enter the website and click the settings menu on the left navigation bar.

Office 365 - create instance

Here you can setup the instance(s) you want to scan. Click the add button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

From the Add Office 365 Instance page, you must fill in the necessary attributes to add an instance (Parameters with a red star):

Office 365 instance

  • Description

A short and meaningful description of the instance. For example: COMPANY_PROD

  • Tenant ID

Your Office 365 tenant ID is a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is different than your organisation name or domain. 

  • Client ID

Your Office 365 client ID.

  • Client Secret

Your Office 365 client secret.

Now you can configure your Git Credentials with your git User and Password or with your Git Private Key:

Office 365 GIT credentials

  • Git Flavor

Select the development platform where you are hosting your git repository (GitHub, BitBucket, Azure...).

  • Git Repository URL

Your git repository URL.

  • Branch

The branch you want to scan, by default the master branch.

  • User ID

Your git repository User.

  • Password

Your git repository password.

When all the necessary parameters have been filled, select the Save tab.

2. Launch the scan

Scans are launched either manually or scheduled to be launched automatically, depending on your licensing plan. If your account allows manual scans, you can launch them using the launch scan icon on the top of the left sidebar and the Scan Launch form will popup. Click on the launch icon next to the instance you want to scan, to start the scanning process.

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